Sunday, 15 September 2013

so sorry.

I never did it on purpose.
 sorry if I ever make u feel uncomfortable with all these lovey dovey thingy,
any of u.

what's bothering u guys did bothering me too.

the quote of " i don't give a damn what others says"
was actually
for the sake of my own strength,
for me to build up confidence,

they say.. full with misery.. plus mistery too!
we never know what's inside those beautiful smiles and agreement..
we never know how much a person hated us unless they tell us the truth.
cause life..
our life will never be completed without these complainers. ain't it?

I truly admit.
I can never entertain each one of the people in this globe.
neither do u. can u?

so remember, when u decided to talk bad things about others,
think about what the others thought about u,

it's better to keep our mouth shut rather than spilling the stories that might hurt the person's feelings ain't it?

but yeah, I'm truly, madly, deeply is apologizing to those who feel annoyed of me.


hope this works.

stay calm and chill out!

cheerios ! :)

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